Our large scale projects are fully featured SaaS applications typically specializing in B2B and highly customized large scale internal use cases.

  • Fully featured web or mobile based SaaS applications with accounts, teams w/ permissions, search, billing, reports, etc.
  • Leverage proprietary Appkit™ Development Framework and off the shelf application features
  • Support numerous workflows and use cases

FreightChick® TMS

The ultimate transport management system. Tired of quoting shipping rates and comparing prices?

Get quotes from all of your carriers in one click + use your own pricing contracts for the best deals. Enterprise ready with full role based access control and team management.

SlabShot™ Slab Inventory Manager

Looking to input large amounts of high quality product photos and information into your shopping cart or other systems?

SlabShot™ uses high quality Sony™ DSLR cameras to take high quality detailed photographs of your products and automatically uploads directly to AspDotNetStoreFront. Add custom data inputs and product templates to instantly create products.

  • Supports many Sony® DSLR cameras
  • NetSuite® Connector Inventory Sync Connector

CartJumper™ Ecommerce Automation

Automatically sync orders between your ecommerce and accounting/ERP systems. CartJumper syncs orders from Shopify to NetSuite in near realtime.

  • Manually or automatically import orders into NetSuite
  • Option to choose which location an order is assigned to
  • Use round robin order assignment amongst your sales team to fairly distribute orders
  • Abandoned Checkout notifications for Shopify



Smaller utilities developed for specific business needs and internal use cases. Contact us to help develop your one-off utility or smaller proof of concept application.

  • Small scale single user or desktop based
  • Minimal core feature set typically focusing on one small task
  • Simple one-off pricing + support contract for future updates

Calitax PRO™

Need to file sales tax reports in California? Automatically breaks data down into city and county subsidiaries ready for filling with the state. Easy to use .csv based downloadable tool that runs instantly. Ready to use with NetSuite data exports.

Check-u-auth™ Remote Payment Authorizer

Remotely review, sign, and authorize physical checks. Authorize checks for signature via the cloud.

Simple workflow: Upload signature, upload blank check pdfs for authorization, authorize or deny checks remotely, download and print authorized checks.

Giftgen™ Identifier Generator

Generate lists of unique gift codes. Easy to read and printer safe codes are easily uploaded into shopping carts and other systems requiring user submitted gift codes.

Appkit™ Development Framework

Your App Framework

The Appkit™ Development Framework is a proprietary framework for developing full applications. Initially started in 2014 with the start of our company and our first project the Forge Account system Appkit™ and FreightChick® TMS it has been advancing ever since. It aims to provide a simple and reusable batteries included platform as a starting point for developing custom applications.

  • Take a proven path for developing high quality applications
  • Build it our way and jump start development with a highly opinionated and refined system
  • Skip rebuilding common features and focus on your primary business concern

You can see Appkit™ at work in our projects section. All updates and improvements from every project go into Appkit™ to further enhance it for the group and future endeavors.

Off-the-shelf features

Over the years of building large applications and utilities we have noticed that just about every project has a core business concern(such as checking shipping prices, or picturing slabs). But if you wish to make that application usable by multiple customers and sell it to them you must build many other supporting features and are usually rushed to do so. Our idea is to skip this process by making entire features reusable and installable off the shelf so that you can focus on developing the best solution for your primary business concerns.

All Appkit™ features are installable with the entire front + backend pre-built and fully customizable with minimal configuration required.
Our aim is for all new projects to come standard with the below features installed and functioning within days instead of requiring months/years to custom build them.

  • Accounts - Fully featured and extensible global account system with Oauth support
  • Search - Global field-based application search. Dynamically register application specific types and drill down into all fields with a powerful and easy to use search box.
  • Reports (beta) - Real-time drag n' drop reporting and analytics system. Choose your metric, pick your graph/component, and style it up to allow users to fully customize their reports in an easy to use way.
  • Thirdeye™ Status System - Monitor and publish the status of internal and external services which run your application. Automatically shut down or back off certain features based upon internal service status.
  • News(mini blog) - Publish news articles on user's dashboards to keep them up-to-date on your changes or allow teams to publish their own news
  • Teams & Permissions (Converting to be installable) - Advanced hierarchical team system with role based permissions, email member invites/management, and built-in instant feature toggles.

Support Libraries

The primary focus of Appkit™ is to provide off the shelf features. In doing so we have also developed an advanced set of libraries which are useful for developing these features and more. These are often used to bring everything together and may not be directly seen by the user.

  • Forge
    • Accounts - global account system with resilience built-in and oauth provider support
    • WS - Websocket connection and request/response command system with REST based wrappers for public APIs. Easily build websocket based commands optionally with request/response support and events while having the ability to push data to clients directly. Provides a REST based wrapper for easily publishing your API to the public in standard formats.
    • XLSX - Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet writer. Export your data with complex formulas, formatting, etc. and provide a one line switch to standard CSV format.
    • Paperboy/Dexter - Send emails and SMS text messages in a provider agnostic way. Stop worrying about who your email or SMS provider is and switch freely as well as create multi provider chains for logging or auditing purposes.
  • Hive - Schedule background jobs one-off or recurring on cron schedules. Automatically ran on distributed fault tolerant cluster leveraging MongoDB in a safe way.
  • DIBS™ Distributed Broadcast System - Use DIBS for realtime p2p messaging fault tolerant high performance publish/subscribe models.
  • Shutterbug™ Image processing - Standalone secure image processing server with the full power of graphics magic and a REST api
  • Panda - General purpose HTTP middleware collection. Everything you need from compression, error recovery, logging, security headers, CSP policies, request IDs, etc.


Complete Custom Solutions

Need a full solution for your unique problem? Have us develop from start to finish something custom to meet your unique business needs.

Feature development

Stuck and need help on a specific feature or section or your project? Get expert help instantly to help finish or fully implement specific features within your existing project.



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