Great Cloak Inc.


FreightChick® TMS

The ultimate transport management system. Tired of quoting shipping rates and comparing prices?

Get quotes from all of your carriers in one click + use your own pricing contracts for the best deals. Enterprise ready with full role based access control and team management.

Calitax PRO™

Need to file sales tax reports in California? Automatically breaks data down into city and county subsidiaries ready for filling with the state. Easy to use .csv based downloadable tool that runs instantly. Ready to use with NetSuite data exports.

SlabShot™ Slab Inventory Manager

Looking to input large amounts of high quality product photos and information into your shopping cart or other systems?

SlabShot™ uses high quality Sony™ DSLR cameras to take high quality detailed photographs of your products and automatically uploads directly to AspDotNetStoreFront. Add custom data inputs and product templates to instantly create products.

  • Supports many Sony® DSLR cameras NetSuite® Connector Inventory Sync Connector

Check-u-auth™ Remote Payment Authorizer

Remotely review, sign, and authorize physical checks. Authorize checks for signature via the cloud.

Simple workflow: Upload signature, upload blank check pdfs for authorization, authorize or deny checks remotely, download and print authorized checks.

Giftgen™ Identifier Generator

Generate lists of unique gift codes. Easy to read and printer safe codes are easily uploaded into shopping carts and other systems requiring user submitted gift codes.


Complete Custom Solutions

Need a full solution for your unique problem? Have us develop from start to finish something custom to meet your unique business needs.

Feature development

Stuck and need help on a specific feature or section or your project? Get expert help instantly to help finish or fully implement specific features within your existing project.



We believe contacting us should be quick and easy. Do not expect robo answering machines or tiers of agents who cannot do anything more than forward you. Contacting us will put you in contact with a talented engineer who should be able to directly assist you in solving your problem.

*Rapid response hours Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern



Great Cloak Inc. provides several software solutions for common business issues ranging from logistics to payroll. Our goal is to solve your problems in an elegant and simple way. We offer ready made solutions to common problems and can customize our products to fit your needs.


Based out of sunny Sarasota, FL we are creating some of the best enterprise software solutions available. Have strong development skills and a thirst for the sunshine? Send your resume to